Exam: The Worst Enemy

Friday, July 23, 2010

Students are going panic if examination is approaching. Sleepless night and painful heads attacks after studying and memorizing those numerous pages. Students also have their evil strategies for passing these exams. But some chooses to study and make novenas wishing that these will help them to pass.
As a student, I also experience these staff in my college life. Engineering is not that easy if talking about exams. It is different from other that you will only memorize those in the books or handouts. It needs to have a more understanding and analysis in what you are studying especially that I am a civil engineering which focus in studying and analyzing the structure of this and that. I am not a genius student who can understand the lesson easily in just one seating. I also have a tendency to make simple mistake during exam, example, the negative sign, 2+3=6, forgotten formulas and others. I feel glad if after those sleepless night and headaches, 100/100 or just a passing score is the result of the examination. However, if the result is not good I feel like I am the dullest student especially if my classmates got high scores. I get disappointed that after those studying, I did not get the answers correctly. Questions get into my mind: Is my studying is not enough? Does the teacher hate me? Am I very dull? Is this my field or do I belong on this course? I am like carrying all the problem of the world. I also blame God for this and feel like He hates us.
However, student’s life is like that, we fail and win. It’s a matter of living and doing your best on every obligation as a student. If this day, you got zero, maybe next time you can get 100. Just don’t lost hope and strive as much as you can. That’s what I am doing now. Even if exams hate me, I am trying to like it and accept it as a part of my college life.